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Peace of Mind is an intentionally designed space dedicated to learning & growth. We are a team of professionals working together to provide exceptional, effective and authentic educational instruction, consulting, test preparation & advocacy to students and their families in Columbia, South Carolina and surrounding areas. 


We regularly serve students Pre-K through high school from over 30 different local schools.  In addition to our local elementary, middle and high schools, we also have several post-secondary students representing our local South Carolina Gamecocks as well as providing virtual instruction to other universities such as Clemson and Frances Marion.


Our team at Peace of Mind share diverse backgrounds and wide subject area expertise while holding similar ideals of how education should look and feel for all learners.  At Peace of Mind, students receive the highest quality support academically, socially and emotionally through developmentally appropriate instruction from certified educators and specialists in their fields.  


We believe that by staffing our facility with extraordinary educators, utilizing interest based individualized instruction, learning through play, prioritizing the development of relationships and establishing a prepared environment conducive to and supportive of learning is where all students will discover the greatest gains.

In addition to our multi-faceted tutoring program through Peace of Mind, in 2021, Sunnyside Academy, a private hybrid micro-school became another extension of Peace of Mind's outreach.  Micro-schools are unique educational models that continue to become increasingly popular nationally as the climate of schools and the needs of students and families change. 

Our enrollment has doubled each year since origination and we extended our student body to include Grades 3-12 during the 2023-24 school year.  One of the most unique aspects of our micro school is the 4:1 student teacher ratio which allows for true individualization of each learner within our community.

Thank you for your interest in Peace of Mind and Sunnyside Academy.  If you'd like more information or to see if either program may be a good fit for your family please email at [email protected] or text to (803) 920-9258

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