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Comfortable Learning
Fun -
Independent Work support
Diverse Learners
Book studies and Novel studies
Educational Experiences
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We value the belief that all children are deserving of a safe, structured environment where their needs can be met through multiple instructional modalities and where respect of the whole child is recognized, acknowledged and appreciated.

Established in 2021, Sunnyside is a close knit and highly individualized community of learners. Our 4:1 student teacher ratio sets us apart from other options. Under this model, all students receive daily individualized instruction to meet their unique needs. Our teachers are experienced, certified and trained educators. You will have the confidence of knowing your child is working with an expert in their field. If there are areas where additional expertise is needed, we provide this privately in individualized or small group formats and include this in the price of tuition. Our instruction focuses on academic growth, community engagement, character education and social emotional learning.

"We will always be thankful for Sunnyside Academy. Micro schools are a special place that helps children in a way that other schools are not capable."

- Sunnyside Academy Parent

"Thank you so much for a great school where the teachers listen and know how to operate. This opportunity has brought out the best in me. Thank y'all so much"

- Sunnyside Academy Student

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Outside Play

Experience the Transformative Power of Learning at Sunnyside Academy Micro Schcool

"Building a child's emotional intelligence is a straightforward way to enhance physical and mental health, memory, decision-making,creativity, relationships, grades and job performance. "

- Daniel Goleman

Psychologist and Author of Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

Individualized Work

Work is catered to each student and they move through at their own pace through individualized curriculum and instruction. Our Middle/Upper level students also follow an online accredited curriculum. A course guide and graduation plan is created based on existing transcripts and students will continue to update transcript through this program. Grades are reported using a combination of scores from this program as well as day to day individualized and small group classwork aligned with Sunnyside's curriculum programming.

Novel Studies

A micro school setting allows an increase of opportunities to learn, discuss and grow within a small setting.  At Sunnyside Academy we prioritize novel studies throughout the year with a minimum goal of 6 novels read each school year. Reading takes place collectively. Outside activities through art, play, community engagement, meals, historical studies and films all add to the in-depth study of our different novels.

Project-Based Learning

Using project based learning to support instructional goals is a fantastic way for students to practice interpersonal skills while learning to work in a team or small group.  In addition to the learning done at Sunnyside that is virtual and supplemental, ensuring there are elements of project based learning and presenting is an important part of our curriculum and instructional plans.

Comfort & Safety

One of the many advantages of a micro school is the small class size.  Students are able to work in a comfortable setting where they are safe, where movement and discussion are encouraged and where they feel at home.  Meeting these basic needs first allows for all students to have the highest changes of success.

Recreational Time

At Sunnyside Academy we believe that all too often, especially as students get older, some of the best parts of school are removed from educational programming.Regardless of your student's age, ability or academic level, being outside is part of our everyday curriculum.  Whether it's a walk through the neighborhood, backyard games, gardening or caring for our. yard space, we recognize and prioritize the benefits of outdoor time.

Community Service & Field Studies

We believe in the importance of character education, social emotional learning and engagement within our larger community. All community service hours are tracked to add to college applications & other school/work opportunities. From trips to Congaree National Park as we studied Teddy Roosevelt & the start of the National Park System to a day at Riverbanks Zoo during our Animal Farm novel study, making learning meaningful and fun is a goal we have at Sunnyside Academy.

Love of Nature

We know the benefits of being outdoors and of the lessons learned through hands on experiences in natures. We strive to be outside daily and utilize as many outdoor field studies, group games, botany, gardening, hiking and observational experiences in nature as we can.

Guest Speakers & Teachers

It takes a village and we love to utilize and treasure those in our larger Sunnyside and Columbia community. Whether we have Science teachers bringing in a hands on lab experience, gardeners sharing their green thumbs, or local artists and instructors teaching lessons in their areas of expertise, a micro school program offers the ability to participate in and to access a multitude of individuals able and willing to offer mini-classes across a wide variety of learning fields.

Multi-Age Instructional Opportunities

When instruction is individualized for each student, multi-age class make-up is not only possible, it allows students to learn with and from each other.  At Sunnyside we have students enrolled in grades 3-12 and while there are independent work spaces, individualized age and ability appropriate instruction, there are also many benefits to the multi-age community building opportunities that are able to exist under this model.

Multiple Instructional Methods

Every child learns differently. We prioritize the importance of learning through art, music, manipulatives, play, movement, research, technology, nature, peer groups, independent studies. It is important for us to always be willing to think outside of the box and provide multi sensory modalities of instruction in order to best meet each student's individual instructional needs

The Services Offered at Sunnyside Academy Make It The Ultimate Destination for Education!

Sunnyside Academy believes students should feel safe and comfortable in their educational setting and that individualization of instruction and the development of relationships  are necessary components to achieve the greatest student growth.

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Experience The Difference at Sunnyside Academy.

We invite you to experience our unique approach to education, where we nurture, educate, and inspire every student to reach their full potential.

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