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Kim Brabham

4th-7th Grade Specialties Math, Social Studies, Science - Organizational Support

Ms. Kim Brabham has been with Peace of Mind since September of 2023.

A veteran teacher with experience teaching Grades 3-6, Ms. Brabham has worked at Meadowfield Elementary (where she and Ms. Kristie met along with Ms. Heather and Ms Jude!), Lake Murray Elementary and Pleasant Hill Middle School where she currently has worked since 2012. She currently teaches 6th grade Math and Science.  During her career she has had an emphasis on Gifted and Talented Language Arts as well as Accelerated Math.  She has taught as a specific area teacher in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.

In addition to her in the classroom experiences, Ms. Kim has been a coorinator for the LOCC-Lexington One Community Coalition for LRADAC for more than 10 years, has attended several leadership trainings and has extensive experience with Summer Schools and After School Tutoring.  She was also a Character Education Language Arts Teacher for the CHAMPS Summer School program.

Outside of teaching, Ms. Kim is married to Rob and they are the parents of Rawson and Sullivan.

We are so thankful to have Ms. Kim Brabham on our team at Peace of Mind!

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