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Sunnyside Academy Student Scholarship is a nonprofit organization created in May of 2024. Our goal is to promote awareness of Sunnyside Academy, fundraise money for scholarships, and make this specialized learning option accessible to more families in the greater Columbia, SC area.

One of the biggest differences between Sunnyside Academy and other schools is our 4:1 student teacher ratio. Every student at Sunnyside Academy truly receives an individualized education. We also provide multi-age support for a multitude of diverse learners because we know that “Great Minds Don’t Think Alike.” We are so proud of this school and of this community.


Data consistently shows that all of our children will do better if all of our children are doing better. We believe that all children deserve an honest and appropriate education like Sunnyside Academy.

We know that there are too many children drowning in the status quo of our educational system and we believe that as a community, we all share responsibility for the well-being of all children.

"Safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments are essential assure that all children reach their full potential."

- CDC Essentials for Childhood

May 2024, we established Sunnyside Academy Student Scholarship Organization (SASS for short). SASS is a 501(c)(3) created to raise funds to offset tuition for students and families who would benefit from the programming offered at Sunnyside Academy but for whom a private tuition option may not be financially feasible.


Proudly led by our President, Ashley Lindler; Treasurer, Caroline Milliken and Secretary Kristin Williamson, our Scholarship Organization aims to raise funds to extend Sunnyside Academy's outreach to families and students within our larger community. 

Non profit Scholarship Support Board Members

Contact us today for more information on this scholarship program and how you can support this cause.

Beach at sunset with tide washing up with two starfish in sand

“It is making a difference. It did to this one.”

​- Loren Eiseley's "The Starfish Story". 

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Sunnyside Academy Student Scholarship “SASS” believes in the mission and vision of Sunnyside Academy and is dedicated to helping grow our footprint.

Experience The Difference at Soda City Peace of Mind and Sunnyside Academy.

We invite you to experience our unique approach to education, where we nurture, educate, and inspire every student to reach their full potential.

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