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Diana Clark

Middle-High School Math - Chemistry - Physics

Diana Clark is a junior biology major at USC from Cincinnati, OH.  Diana is one of our two 'non-teacher' tutors.  She came to Peace of Mind in November 2023 highly recommended by our other 'non-educator' turor, Ms. Charlotte Johnson.  Ms. Diana and Ms. Charlotte are friends in and out of Peace of Mind, have experience tutoring and both exceptional in the areas of Math and Sciences as well as co-Top Scholars at USC.

Ms. Diana spent 2 years in high school tutoring K-12 at-risk students in all subjects.  During her first two years of university, Diana worked exclusively with a high school student weekly, mentoring her and helping with any schoolwork she needed.

Diana is comfortable teaching Alg 1, Geometry, Alg 2 and trigonometry. She is also comfortable and confident tutoring biology, chemistry, and physics.


We are glad to have Diana with us at Peace of Mind.

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